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One Goal

  • Created a conducive environment for supplying forest products and forest-based goods and services in the market through simple, easy and sustainable basis.

Two objectives

  • To conduct advocacy program for promoting the forest-based industry and trade-friendly environment, and
  • To take an active role for supplying forest products and forest-based goods and services in the market via a simple, easy and sustainable way.

Three approaches

  • To change forest crop into cash crop through government, community and private sector.
  • To transfer forest products into necessary goods and national income as an important sector.
  • Create a conduceive environment to develop forest-based industry and trade as descent and investment friendly enterprise.

Four Principles

  • Based on the interest of forest products consumers, forests products and forest-based goods and services should be provided in the market in a simple, easy and sustainable way.
  • Nepalese consumers should be able to get forest products and forest-based goods and services with ‘make in Nepal’ branding through Nepalese raw materials.
  • Developed capacity to export forest-based products in semi-processed or raw materials through processing and value addition by Nepal.
  • Involved intensively and responsibly in the forest and forest-based industry and trade.

Five Strategies

  • Adopted policy to increase forest products and enhanced productivity by all level of government.
  • Capacitated all forest managers having the technology, process, and provisions for harvesting forest crops by maintaining high quantity, quality, and standards.
  • Regulated forest products supply by ensuring easy, regular and legal basis.
  • Maintained technology and provisions for promoting and maintain the quality of forest products.
  • created a conducive environment for the effective presence of the private sector in the forest-based industry and trade.Six Working Areas
    • Advocacy- It is conducted for ensuring rights and promotion of forest based-industry and trade
    • Communication and Coordination- maintaining better networking, communication, and coordination with stakeholders
    • Descent behavior with all professions
    • Friendly environment for investment
    • Institutional development for green growth
    • Social corporate responsibility

    Seven Organizational characteristics

    • Organises General Assembly (GA) in every three years
    • Formed Central Executive Committee and Other committees through General Assembly
    • Nominated Chairpersons of each State and Kathmandu Valley Special areas as Vice Chairperson of the Central Executive Committee
    • Formed Program Implementation Committee to carry out daily business
    • Formed a special committee
    • Formed a number of committees: Fiscal, Monitoring  and Justice Committee, Discipline and membership recommendation Committees  to regulate the activities of Central Executive Committee
    • Formed District Organizations, Commodity organizations and Associate Memberships from individual basis.

    Eight Collaborative Partners

    • All level government and non- governmental organization
    • Forest managers and Forest owners (Government, Community, institution and Private sector)
    • Forest and Forest Products related National and International Organizations
    • Industry and trade-related organizations
    • Research and Academic institutions
    • Technology development and extension related organizations
    • Investment promotion related organizations
    • Knowledge, Skils and Attitude (KSA) promotion related non-governmental organizations